Soclage It's about the manufacturing of bases in which the object is put, made from metal or plexi. Its structure is in interrelationship with the orientation and position that the pieces will have in a given scheme. The role of the base is rather important for presentation and staging in place of the exposed elements; it has to be discrete, almost invisible, giving value to the object and, at the same time, not damaging it.

Rene Lalique exhibition / www.Blog.Lalique /  www.wimedeo.Lalique

The exhibition organized by Luxembourg Museum was put up to Rene Lalique, one of the craftsman artists who revolutionize the aesthetics from later 19th century. A total of 400 pieces, done between 1890 and 1912, including studies, drawings, jewels patterns, photographs, paintings, and sculptures are put in value on this exhibition. It also was presented by Bröhan-Museum, in Berlin.

Taking into account the preciousness and finesse of the jewels, it was chosen to work the terminations of the legs (socle) that support the object.

Bulgari exhibition

www.wikimedia.Bulgari / www.ariticulo.ExpoBulgari

The first Bulgari exhibition was made in Rome commemorating 125 years of Bulgari house. The collection had a little more than 500 pieces, showing the different periods from 30’s up to the present.

The idea of assemblies for collars, made from plexi, is a new way of presentation in which heightening the importance of the object is searched. The socles were manufactured from stainless steel and bronze, doing the terminations of these supports from silver.

This exhibition has travelled across France, Shanghai, Japan, San Francisco, Singapore, Nice and New York.

Quai Branly museum


It was a rewarding job experience, along with a great, multidisciplinary staff with during two years (2004-2006) made supports (soclage) for more than 400 objects coming from the "Museum of Man".

I was in charge of making supports (socles) of jewels and small and medium size objects in several materials (wood, textile, ceramics, etc.)

Quai Branly museum presents a one-of-a kind tour, for blind people, in which our team took part.


Museum of Islamic Art-Qatar

www.mia.colección / www.wikipedia.MuseoArteIslámico

It is a staging made for the permanent collection of Museum of Islamic Art. This collection has a diverse showing of objects, including paintings, sculptures, ceramic, books, jewels, etc.

In this operation the staging was made in stainless steel and for jewels socles with terminations in 18 carat gold and silver were manufactured.

Persian Sasanian exhibition


There are more than 200 works shown in the exhibition, taken from the most renowned international collections from United States, Iran and Europe showing signs of the diversity of this art of cut.

The socles were made from stainless steel and socles with legs made from silver were manufactured for the small objects.

Ming exhibition-Guimet Museum


In this exhibition it was necessary to assure every cabinet in such a way that everything would be harmonic, for which I manufactured the chains that assure the object.

Museum of l’hospice Saint-Roch-Issoudun


Here I performed my first soclage work; learning this trade was like a game, a trade that has allowed me to have in my hands a multitude of objects from several cultures from African art and from Oceania.

Socles were manufactured in bronze.

Tower of Crest

www.wikipedia.Tour-Crest /

Our work consisted of the manufacture of protection bars for walls in the several pieces of the tower, which in the past was a jail. Also, we worked on recovering graved signs over the ground (moulds) on the highest part of the tower, and on the installation of the panels in the walls.

We created a special patina over protections that resemble the iron corrosion, more in accordance with the place’s aesthetics.

Gallo-Roman Museum of Vesunna

www.museoVesunna /www.wikipedia.MuseoVersunna

This exhibition had a big amount of stone blocks, parts of ancient buildings, for which lead checks were manufactured, as supports to be laid in. the manufacturing of a lead socle that I made for a sculpture, was a really special job. This socle was chiselled and hand-worked in order to give shape for the missing part.

XXI ciel exhibition

www.wikipedia.IsseyMiyake / www.yohjiyamamoto / www.wikipedia.Kamakubo

This is the first international exhibition covering jobs from four Japanese customer designers, in the work of Gotscho; Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe, who have questioned the aesthetics of the occidental fashion.


Exposición d'un regard l'autre

This exhibition puts into perspective the huge number of viewings that Europe has delivered regarding to the cultures of Africa, America y Oceania. In her the question on the alteridad stays: who is the other one? Through the group of objects and by images.