To discover the beauty in those little things of nature is the learning that has allowed me to see its greatness and it has delivered the tools to broaden my own creative job. I try to keep both admiration and curiosity of a childlike view, through which I can discover and give my senses with new shapes, colours and textures. A game between reasoning and intuition that gives life to the structure of my creation, in which I look for recreating my work from several perspectives, that can give me the tools for development and evolution of my job as a craftswoman and artist.

Through my senses, the matter is transformed in excuse to get a shape, and this is transmuted into pretext to play with imagination. In this searching, an unplanned selection is created, generated by the idea –design– from that the collected material inspires me.

Moreover, along my career as a metalsmith (many times I work on my own); I have casually been discovering through the years the joy that sharing with others the creation of jewels gives me. In doing so, the object just created, product from mutual collaboration, gives me the option of socialize and discover along with the others, several possibilities of recreating an idea, which rewards glances and establish a kind of motivating relationship.

I have given aware of the contribution that passed years have meant, making myself more patient and more alert. The acquired experience through mi work in soclage, that have allowed me to travel, has been also a contribution to my creation. The contact with the several objects from different cultures through the countries I have gone over has been certainly a tribute that has enriched my perception and hugely contributed to my job as a metalsmith artist.






The designs origin from a series of travels made between 2000 and 2003. They were presented for an “open doors” exposition made in Paris. These designs are inspired in nature observation and its elements; stones, seeds, shells, etc. in which textures and shapes are a great inspiration.